Be the Best YOU. Don’t be like everyone else

be the best version of you

Be the Best YOU.

Every Single Day of Every Week men and women are selling themselves short!

The average person settles for far less than he or she is truly capable of or what they think they are worth. Be the Best YOU. The truth is we’re all extraordinary and amazing in our own way. We arrived into this great world with more talents and abilities than we could ever use, but our potential is only limited when we’re focused on our strengths.

I think it’s time we start embracing who we really are. The secret is to stay true to who YOU are. I’m sure your thinking how do you stay true to yourself when you’re surrounded by so much negativity and by friends and/or family that have an opinion on EVERYTHING you do? They’re constantly offering their opinion, whether you asked for it or not? Does that sound like your family?

Those who seem to imply they “know better”? It’s not easy! However, if you’re going to lead the life YOU really want, you’re bound to run into a few people who just can’t (or won’t) understand where you’re coming from and for that matter where YOU WANT to go. I’m a firm believer in mirroring the successful, and doing what already works. One of the many reasons our society is struggling is people are taking advice from those who don’t practice what they preach.

Change the channel and start listening to voices of value, and ones that have the experience, ideas, and the reputation you’re striving more. That advice has served me extremely well. Listen to people you would trade places with, and listen to people who have already experienced the success you’re striving for.

Have you ever experienced or seen any of these?

  • People in debt giving money advice
  • Overweight people giving health advice
  • Those who hate what they do giving career or business advice
  • Parents promoting what they learned 20 years ago, and not what currently works

Were you the child that tried to fit in instead of being yourself? I know I used to be. It was easier to blend in than stand out when I was a child. Did you get reprimanded and disciplined if you spoke up, acted out, or tried to be “different” in school. Now it’s your time to shine as the captain of your ship, it’s a great way to separate yourself from the herd. Follow your Dreams. Be different, stand out from the crowd and be the Best You.
It’s a great strategy for those serious about improving their life, business, and overall happiness. The more people do something, the less valuable it is. When I say I mirror the successful, I mean mirror those with the results and lifestyle you want. I strongly urge you never to be like most people. Here’s why.

Most people over eat and eat based off pleasure vs. health
Most people don’t have enough energy to go after their dreams and goals – Career Fatigue
Most people make excuses for not being where they want to be
Most people focus on the negative vs. the positive
Most people spend more money than they make
Most people talk about success vs. take action
Most people go to college, get in debt, and get a job unrelated after
Most people pray for weekends, and hate Mondays
Most people associate with people who let them off the hook vs hold them accountable

Be the Best YOU.. I know deep down no one wants to be typical or average, and everyone wants to be special and different. Here’s the problem, we all do the same things over and over. The majority of us live like one another and then wonder why we continually don’t achieve any real results or success in our lives. We follow each others lead and rarely break the mold. Your life will become much more convenient when you take this seriously. All the greats in our society lived life to their own choosing, not other peoples. One way to be outstanding and become more valuable is to do what others aren’t willing to.
Here is an insert from the best selling book “The Millionaire Fast Lane,” by MJ Demarco that explains normal perfectly.
“Normal is waking at 6 a.m., fighting traffic, and working eight hours. Normal is to slave at a job Monday through Friday, save 10%, and repeat for 50 years. Normal is to buy everything on credit. Normal is to believe the illusion that the stock market will make you rich. Normal is to believe that a faster car and a bigger house will make you happy. You’re conditioned to accept normal based on society’s already corrupted definition of wealth, and because of it, normal itself is corrupted. Normal is modern-day slavery. Don’t be normal.”

How can you differentiate yourself from everybody else? I can assure you there is something different about you, and it’s your obligation and duty to find it. It’s time to get serious about who you are, where you want to go, and understand that an amazing life is available to you if you start thinking and acting differently than most people. It’s one thing to say you’re different, but it’s another to think, act, and live differently. MBA’s are selling shoes during the day and waiting tables at night. College grads are pouring coffee and living at home until 29. Retirement age has morphed from 65 to 6 feet under, till death does employment part. Yet we have 18 – 25 yr old’s in our Business who love what they do, and are on track to retire by 35. Why? Because they’ve chosen to go against the grain. You should too. Email me today and I will show you a better way.

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