How to Overcome Career Fatigue

How to Overcome Career Fatigue

Thinking about retirement? For many people, the idea of retirement seems so far away. But in reality it’s something that should not be ignored, especially if you are above the 50 year age bracket. According to a study by Wells Fargo, nearly half (48 percent) of middle class Americans in their 50s report that they don’t believe they have enough money to “survive” once retired. Similarly, a surprising 19 percent of these respondents report having saved no money for retirement at all.

With the ever changing global economy, workplace and job satisfaction is at an all-time low! It is a gloomy place to have to get up in the morning to commute to a job you are not appreciated or enjoy. Maybe you have had to take on double the work with no additional pay. Due to these issues, it translates as Career Fatigue. You are just worn out.

What is Career Fatigue?

Individuals who face Career Fatigue face little to no job security and high employee turnover. Many of these people have been through two, three, or four jobs within just a short period of time, while others have been out of a job for six months or longer. It becomes increasingly harder for people to find opportunities the longer they are out of work. If you bounced from position to position it also looks negatively on your record.

Career Fatigue means being subjected to the frustration of knowing that you chose a career that you thought would last you a life time. Unfortunately like many lessons in life it’s a hard pill to swallow when this happens. My father was a metal fabricator all his life. When the recession hit Ireland he could no longer compete with the college graduates and the new tech machinery that could do his job much quicker.

I know what he went through to have to try and restart after the company you work for has being downsized, right sized or you’re just let go, and then having to start over again. It is when you find out your job has been outsourced, disappeared, or that the company has cut back. Career Fatigue is something that exists in a very large percentage of employment situations today.”

Although the World economy and job market may be forever changed and although Career Fatigue paints a gloomy picture for the future of employment, there is a way to overcome it: Network Marketing.

The Career Fatigue Solution: Network Marketing


Network Marketing has been around for many years and is one of, if not the best method to put the excitement back in you. Now I’m not saying you are to drop your current job just yet. You work your new network marketing business part time, a couple of hours a week until your income has matched your current job and then the choice is yours if you want to go full time with your new business and watch your income soar! For those individuals suffering from Career Fatigue and are tired of feeling sick and tired, then network marketing may be a viable solution.

Network Marketing allows individuals to become self-sufficient and to move away from depending on the job market for employment and career satisfaction. When an individual decides to invest in network marketing, then they are choosing to step up and take control of their professional calling, in effect to become their own Boss! Wouldn’t you rather decided your own future than have someone else decide it for you?

Take a look at this opportunity and make a decision if it is right for you!



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