The Recession is Over- How did you do?

Desperate young couple with debts reviewing their bills

The Recession is Over- How did you do?

Are you struggling?

They say the recession is over. I was in the Hospitality sector in 2008 when the Recession happened and it is something that I never want to go through again. First thing to happen was a 10% pay cut across the board. When questioned how that figure was found we were told would you prefer 20%! Next thing to happen was the redundancies, now it wasn’t that the jobs were gone it was that they knew that they could get twice as much work out of us as “We were lucky we had a Job”. So if the General Manager and the HR manager were not at the desk you knew stuff was going down. Different phones would ring, they would go in the office, come out, some in shock and some in tears. But you knew they had just been let go!

I had just bought an apartment at the start of that year so I was fearful that my phone would ring too. The Accounts Manager job that I had got second place in was no longer an option but the duties were to be passed onto me and the other Credit Controller. That was fine as at the time I believed what they said that I was “Lucky to have a Job”. More and more duties were taken on by us with the promise of our pay being re-instated the following year, and the year after that. But it never came. Before my children arrived I did ask for the pay rise. I got told NO of course but I knew I needed to ask before I handed in my notice.

Looking back now I feel it might have been better if my phone had called. I would have been forced to react and find an alternative. When I finally quit in 2011 it was because my twins were born and it was decided that I would be at home with them full time for the first few years. After two years of being at home with the kids I didn’t want to go back full time. To giving up my valuable time to build someone else’s future. What about my future. What about my family’s future. And that is where Forever came along.

It allowed me to go back part time; the kids are in a fantastic crèche 3 days a week and I work 3 days a week too. They absolutely love their friends and learning more than we could teach them at home.

It was surprisingly simple to adapt to my new business as I had all the help I needed to. There is a system in place and once you follow the system things fall into place…

Do you get this from your Job because I do.

  1. Offer flexible hours – Does your boss “Allow” you to “sleep in” and “cut out early”? Fire your BOSS and work for yourself. Choose your own hours.
    2. Give you happiness: Can you honestly say that you wake up happy most days to go into work to help build the bosses business? What if you changed your thinking and decided that you want to use that energy to build your own future?
    3. In-Office Treats: You know are in control of where you do business so breakfast or lunch can be anywhere and it doesn’t need to be on your own anymore.
    4. Recognition: When you put in the extra hours and effort at work do you get rewarded for it or is it just “part of your job”? With this business when you put in the hard work and move up the marketing plan you get rewarded for it on stage the way it should be!
    5. Out of the Office Events: Your office is everywhere but still there are monthly events to meet like-minded driven people to succeed.
    6. Team night out – Any time you want, you’re in control

Don’t you think you deserve that too?

I am only 1 person out of an estimated 7.1 Billion. If I felt like that during the recession, I’m sure others felt the same then and probably now. And I’m just sharing my story in the hope that it helps others see that there is more to life than a 9 to 5!

Are you unhappy in your current situation?

And more importantly……

Do you want to change that?

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