What is network marketing?

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At first when people hear the words “network marketing” or “MLM” – the first question in their minds is, “What do you mean?”

Network marketing is simply:

“Recommending and promoting what you like.”

That’s it.

Everyone already does network marketing every day.

We all recommend and promote things to our friends and acquaintances. This is part of the human experience. We naturally want to share our favorite resources, products, music and ideas. What movie you went to see the weekend, the holiday destination you were at last summer.

Here is a quick example that may help you understand.

You see an ad in the paper for a new restaurant opening. You go, have a fantastic meal, and then you tell your friends how wonderful the food was.

That was network marketing.

Now, say the restaurant owner of course appreciated all of your word-of-mouth advertising. He would like to reward you, but he has already spent his entire marketing budget on advertising. So, when you return to his restaurant, he gives you a bottle of wine with your next meal as a “thank you” for bringing more customers to his restaurant.

Yes, we recommend movies, books, baby sitters, dentists, cars and more. We all do network marketing every day, however … some people actually get paid for it.

Want to get paid for what you are already doing?

Consider this. Many companies believe that the word-of-mouth recommendation and promotion of their products and services is more effective than money spent on advertising. Here is what they do.

They stop their traditional advertising and marketing.

These companies then use these unspent advertising and marketing monies to reward people who recommend and promote their products and services.

So if you like the products and services of one of these companies, don’t change what you are doing. Simply continue recommending and promoting, and let these companies send you cash every month. One such company is Forever Living

There are two types of people in the world:

  • Those that recommend and promote the things they like, and
  • Those that get paid for it.

Which type would you like to be?

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